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Women and Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety is coupled with fear, negative criticism in social or performance situations. Women especially are twice as likely to face challenges with anxiety disorder as they are more sensitive to low levels of a hormone that regulates the stress response.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to approach social anxiety with a solution-focused mindset:

💫 Focus on new behaviors rather than simply focusing on why the old ones aren't doing the job. Developing new behaviors can help us shift our focus away from our anxiety from what is wrong to what is right.

💫Shift the way anxiety looks to you. Anxiety is not who we are. It's a part of us that can be uncomfortable and unwelcoming. When you remove it from your concept of “you,” we see the truth that it isn't who we really are. Instead, it’s a part of us that we can turn into a positive for ourselves by focusing on what belongs and what doesn't. Anxiety is not always bad, it can reveal to us areas in our life that we may need to shift away from or move closer to.

Of course, anxiety can feel pretty severe, overwhelming, and debilitating. However, solution-focused coaching is designed to help us become intentional

about solutions rather than being bogged down about our problems.

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