What I do:  As your life coach, services are transparent, in helping you realign your desire to live a better quality of life. The investment is YOU.  I specialize in Personal Development Coaching. I Coach goal-driven women to reinvent themselves, their goals and work through challenges that create barriers in their lives. This process includes a solution-focused approach designed to empower you to create and realize your own solutions by capturing your inner strengths and capabilities to resolve problems as life brings them at you; with ease. 

How does it work? Here at Phoenix Rising, I follow a C-A-R-E designed method; its purpose is to build Confidence, Acceptance, Reassurance, and Elevation in each and every individual.

Here's how it works:

  • Embrace the strengths, qualities, and overall ability of the client being competent enough to solve their own problems;  

  • Work with individuals who focus on what they CAN do to change their life Verses what THEY CAN'T do with their circumstance; 

  • Pinpoint the effective lifestyle and behaviors of how the individual client is currently and discover better approaches to work within that to enhance critical thinking through these behavior changes; 

  • Zero in on the details of the solution t rather than the issue; 

  • Develop Action plans that best meet the client goals

  • Solution Building

What’s in it for you? The investment is YOU.  Become the person whom you never imagined you could be. A person with the inner strengths and capabilities to resolve problems as life brings them at you; with ease.


The overall investment consists of:

  • Improved mindset

  • Increased self-esteem

  • Lifestyle Stability

  • An accountability partner

  • The ability to achieve desired goals

  • Results from those desired goals

  • The increased overall quality of life.

  • Solution Oriented

The only guarantee is YOU if you put the work in. Invest in yourself and you will see results