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How To Be Emotionally Available For Yourself This Holiday Season

Are you out buying lots of gifts for your loved ones? Are you out there working non-stop making sure your loved ones have the best holiday season this year? If the answer is yes then this message is for you.

The holiday season can leave us drained and depleted and sometimes the relationship with ourselves suffers the most during the holiday season. As nurturing beings, we provide an abundant amount of love and support to those we love while our cup is losing its fullness. Today we are changing the narrative on how we can KEEP our cups full and be more emotionally available for us.

So how do we become emotionally available for ourselves and allow ourselves to become the receiver of all the love and support we give so effortlessly to others? In today's blog, we will go over some solution-focused tips that may help open the space for you to allow yourself to receive the best parts of yourself and create balance emotionally that can follow you throughout the holiday season.

A Time for Healing- The holiday season can bring some intense emotions as well as bring up some past traumas that have happened throughout the year or in the past. Signs of unhealed emotional unavailability can be lashing out OR feeling overwhelmed. Try to set some time for healing to reclaim your peace. It is encouraged to create a safe space to embrace how you are currently feeling and allow love in. Some ways to enhance this can be through meditation, prayer, and setting some personal quality time for yourself- even if it's for 15 min. This time can shift our thoughts from negative to positive, enhance our mood, and provide clarity for a way forward. All we have in the precious time is the moment..embrace it.

Take Time To Breathe Out- This time of the year can be fulfilled with joy if we allow it. Free yourself from all negative attachments. Allow yourself to become guided by love and look beyond your fears. It is encouraged to see love and happiness in all things. Follow your intuition and take time for yourself. Ways to do this can involve getting a nice massage, relaxing baths, spending time with people who uplift your vibe, or just simply sitting still with yourself. Although the demand can be high, it is impossible to fill others' cups; we must fill ours first.

Surrender- It is never too late to change the cycle. Surrendering is essential to creating and maintaining balance emotionally as a woman. Surrendering can look like acceptance for where you are now, patience in how things that are unseen could be unfolding for your highest good, belief that things are always working out for you, faith that you are doing your best, and support that you are deserving of all the nurturing things you put out in the world. Changing the narrative will invoke the excitement of making the necessary adjustments that are requiring us to be emotionally available for ourselves.

Coach Dani

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