Feelings Change. Self Worth and Respect Shouldn't ~Coach Dani


      Coach Dani

With more than 16 years of coaching experience, I've worked alongside helping couples, youth, senior populations, families, and the military, all yearning for better relationships and individuality. What separates me from other Coaches is my story has become other's survival guide.  As a member of the International Coaching Federation, I follow a C-A-R-E planned strategy; which stands for : Confidence, Acceptance, Reassurance, and Elevation that is given to every single person. Through my transformation of growing up with unhealthy relationships with the people in my life and with myself, I decided to CHANGE the pattern of unhealthy living due to my trauma and transform my story into wins.  I have learned the power of partnership, spirituality, and rebirth. As a Solution-Focused Coach, my goal is to assist you in developing a future-oriented, goal-directed approach to overcoming day-to-day obstacles.  My goal is to inspire you to arrive at your purpose, passion, and live an overall well-rounded life.  By arriving at my passion, it has helped me become living proof that you can't help other people be GREAT until you first understand what you're lacking.


With Great Respect,

Danielle Ramirez, M.S. ACC

Certified Professional Life Coach