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Collective Message

Energy Vampires is a toxic -unbalanced energy that attaches to some people who when they are lacking or in need of their cup being full, they latch on to those who are already full and drain them of their energies.

An example of this comes in forms of a person needing: guidance, advice, to be uplifted, to be healed , to feel happy , for money, food, etc ; only to benefit themselves and once YOU are drained, broke, hungry , in need or unstable, this energy (people) are no where to be found.

Be mindful and be careful of who you allow to drink from your cup because these are energies - you don’t want to entertain.

Recognize the difference between being taken advantage of and someone needing genuine support.

How to overcome:

✅focus on yourself

✅detach, separate from the energy (don’t to look back) the only way this energy will subside is if the person is aware of their own energy.

✅Set Boundaries

✅protect your peace and stay true to you.

✍🏾✨Affirmation “I release the burden of you”

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