Dear Future Client                 


What an exciting time to take a trip! A trip into your life where you can find peace, freedom, and most importantly, strengthen your wings to fly! It is vital that you are enabled to set goals for yourself.  Let me assist you in making YOUR goals become achievable. Each client is essential and the goal is to build healthy coaching relationships.

Are you looking to set healthy goals in your life? Are you seeking collaboration in finding realistic solutions to day-to-day life's challenges? Or are you looking to find your purpose? No matter what the reason is, Phoenix Rising has something you need! 

Here at Phoenix Rising,  you will walk away enlightened, inspired, and prepared to be the BEST version of yourself. 


I appreciate you for accepting this exciting opportunity and for allowing me to be your coach and embarking on this journey with you.  I look forward to seeing you rise like a phoenix.


With Great Respect,

Danielle Ramirez, M.S. ACC

Certified Professional Life Coach 

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